Common street foods found in Colon Street

Common street foods found in Colon Street

If you are a local Cebuano who happen to pass by on a daily basis at Colon Street, you should be able to see these budget street foods we found on the street and at least, tried all of them! 😉

If you are a traveler outside Cebu who plan to travel to Cebu in the future, you guys should try these foods as well to complete your journey to Cebu! Just don’t leave your valuable things unattended! 🙂

While i’m typing this, i am now hungry so let’s start it out! ?

1. Saang (php5.00/stick)

Common   #ZenfoneCaravan #BuiltForPhotography #Zenfonestreet foods you should not miss to try in Colon

I really can’t help not to grab at least 2 sticks of saang everytime i visit Colon. The taste is very satisfying with the vinegar sauce with lots of onion and spices! Ugh, yummy! ? (Disclaimer: Too much of something might not be good)

2. Tempura and Kwek-Kwek (php10-12.00/3pcs)

Common   #ZenfoneCaravan #BuiltForPhotography #Zenfonestreet foods you should not miss to try in Colon

This one is an old street food. I remembered few years ago, the tempuras are still on a stick and dip it on your preferred sauce (Sweet or Spicy). Today, it is now placed inside a plastic glass and all you have to do is to put the choice of sauce inside the plastic glass and mix it with the tempura. And oops, a cucumber and a seaweed combination is up for grabs as well. 😉

3. Siomai (php10.00/3pcs) + Hanging Rice (puso) (php3.00/pc)
We can see a lot of them in a portable trisikad stalls. Also worth to try because the sauce is just so delicious! ?

4. Small Cheesedog (php15.00/5pcs/stick) + Hanging Rice (puso) (php3.00/pc)


This one’s just cute! So satisfying! ? Pair it up with a katsup provided and voila! You’ll definitely gonna crave for it again.

5. Sweet Corn (php10-15-20.00 depending on the size)

Common   #ZenfoneCaravan #BuiltForPhotography #Zenfonestreet foods you should not miss to try in Colon

There’s no reason not to try this stuff. The juicy sweetcorn will definitely complete your day! Pair it up with a cheese flavoring, it’s mouth watering! ?

6. Local Fried Chicken (php15.00/pc) + Hanging Rice (php3.00/pc)

Common   #ZenfoneCaravan #BuiltForPhotography #Zenfonestreet foods you should not miss to try in Colon

Sick of tasting fastfood fried chicken? This one’s gonna compete as well. Aside fron it’s cheap, it’s delicious as well!

How about you? If ever I missed something, feel free to add it on the comment section and I’ll do my best to add it on the list! 🙂 Thanks for reading! ?

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