Hausbrandt – A truly out of the country experience

Hausbrandt – A truly out of the country experience

Hausbrandt Coffee – Coffee shops have always been a freelancer’s second home – a witness of all the struggles and success. Meetings and appointments are also usually held at coffee shops. And for today’s article, we’ll not just talk about mainstream coffee shops, we’ll go to Austria!

Hausbrandt – The History:

Hausbrandt opened it’s first branch here in the Philippines. Lucky for us, the first branch was opened here in Escario, Cebu City.

Hausbrandt was founded by Hermann Hausbrandt, a captain of the Austrian Merchant Marine who started a business that roasted and sold coffee in Trieste.

Captain Hermann Hausbrandt’s entrepreneurial genius solved one of the greatest obstacles relating to coffee, transport and storage. In fact, until that time, coffee had been sold loops in shops.

Employing the most modern technology available, Hausbrandt became the first company to offer processed products that were packaged in sealed metal containers in their establishment.

The place is indeed amazing. From the interiors, ambiance and up to the beverages, every cent you spent is worth-it. And because I am am person who hates coffee, I decided to order the Choco-La, a beverage that tastes so good. You can really feel it’s uniqueness and it made me start to like sweet foods and beverages.

I am not actually fan of sweet foods but the Choco-La is an exception. It’s worth the try!

The interiors

Hausbrandt have this not-so-usual setup of a cafe. The colors of the interiors are eye-catching. The material combination is superb that it made its ambiance become more of an out-of-this-country feeling.

Hausbrandt Coffee
The Cashier Area
Hausbrandt Coffee
This is how it looks inside. I don’t know but I actually fell in love with the design. This is my type 😀
Hausbrandt Coffee
The Ceiling <3

Over-all, I am definitely gonna go back here and experience again another non-coffee beverage they offer 🙂 Please like their official Facebook page, Hausbrandt PH.

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