Top 3 best food combinations to satisfy your day and your wallet

Top 3 best food combinations to satisfy your day and your wallet

We all have that point in our lives where work and reality don’t give us the luxury of time to cook for the food/meal we want. And going to fastfood chains will break your wallet and your taste buds are probably getting sick of the same menu and taste they offer. Good thing, this post will give you an idea on what to eat next. Oops, it will save you bucks as well. πŸ˜‰

If you are a thrift (or a broke one like me) person but always want to satisfy your tummy and tastebuds, these stuffs are for you:


1. Pancit canton (php15.00) + Scrambled egg (php12.00) + Hot rice (php.6.00/serve) or Hanging rice (puso) (php3.00/pc)

This food combination has been my ultimate favorite. Working on a graveyard shift is kinda challenging, so what I do aftershift is that I go to my favorite (suki) canton store near our house and order that combination. I only spend less than php50.00 for that satisfying meal. My preferred flavors of pancit canton are Chilimansi, Calamansi and Extra Hot. Either of them, they’ll nail it in satisfying your taste buds! You can actually save a lot of you cook them by yourself. Easy-to-cook foods indeed.Β ?


2. Small cheesedogs (php15.00/5pcs/stick) + Hanging Rice (puso) (php3.00/pc)

Going to the office at night makes me excited because of this combo. I am a fan of street foods and aside from tempura and saang that we see in Colon Street at night, this cute-little-red-circles-with-cheese-inside with katsup is my bet. πŸ˜‰


3. Siomai sa Tisa (php7-8.00/pc) + Hanging Rice (puso) (php3.00/pc)

Another combo to save the day! My favorite flavor of the siomai is the Japanese Siomai. I have a favorite store where I choose to eat because of the Japanese Siomai they have. You can visit the stall in Tisa, Labangon, Cebu. I am not really sure if there are other stores selling Japanese siomai, but if you happen to go there and notice an orange room with a mirror, that’s my favorite store ?.

For the beverage, I only drink water after eating. I don’t drink soft drinks that much but if you’re a softdrink person, pair all those combos up with either a Mountain Dew or 7up. ?

How about you? What’s your budget meal? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading! ?

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