Wheels Bar & Grill – Coziness of the Place and Sumptuous Dishes in One

Wheels Bar & Grill – Coziness of the Place and Sumptuous Dishes in One

Coziness at it’s finest. the ambiance of Wheel’s Bar and Grill is definitely my type. I am personally a fan of monster trucks and cars. The first time I went there made me feel like i’m on my comfort zone.

On the first glance, You’ll immediately notice the big wall with the logo and a big wheel with a yellow back light! The theme of the place and the back light color of the wheel is so me since yellow is my favorite color! <3

Once you get to step inside, you will also notice huge tanzans in  display from different beverages. This is a place perfect for a drink with the barkada or for a small gathering event.

Wheel’s Bar and Grill offers native Filipino dishes that will surely touch your taste buds’ soul.  Now, I can’t help it and I’m so excited to share some of the foods and dishes they offer, not to mention that the place is also Instagram-worthy! Kainan na!

Here are some of the foods they serve (Brace yourselves, the images you will see below are very tempting. Prepare your tummies!):

Ginisang Kangkong

Wheel's Bar and Grill

Why is this my main pick? It’s because it’s veggies. Haha! I am a fan of Kangkong and nobody seems to like kangkong that time so I ate it first haha. The taste of the Kangkong seems to be like a lutong bahay. This tastes better than the kangkong i’ve tasted on normal carenderias. I love it!

Bicol Express

Wheel's Bar and Grill

Foods with coconut milk (tunó or gatá) is my thing. The spicyness of their Bicol Express is enough – not too spicy not less spicy.

Pork Sisig

Wheel's Bar and Grill

The Sisig tastes so good as well. One of the few delicious Sisig i’ve tasted so far but I could say not the best.


Wheel's Bar and Grill

Oh guinabot, oh guinabot! Guinabot is actually my daily essentials… I used to eat guinabot on pongko-pongko stalls around Cebu if not on a daily basis, at least twice a week. And this guinabot from Wheel’s is one of the cleanest guinabot I should say.

Wheel’s Fried Chicken

Wheel's Bar and Grill

When the fried chicken was served, I was like, WOW! The chicken is really big compared to other restaurants so far. I could definitely say that che fried chicken is superb because it was one of the foods that went to everyone’s tummies. Yes, I wasn’t able to taste it. ?


Wheel's Bar and Grill

I don’t know if it’s just my tastebuds, but when I tasted the humba, it seems to have a sweet taste. And sweets are not my thing. So I did not opt to get a slice of pork. I just continued eating the Kangkong and Bicol Express.

Over-all, i rate Wheel’s Bar & Grill 4/5 (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

For inquiries and reservations, you may message their Facebook Page.

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