Workplace Café – Café with advocacy

Workplace Café – Café with advocacy

Are you looking for a place to work, study or relax… or all of those at the same time? Worry no more! Workplace Café does all of those for you. A café designed for workaholic people and those who love local coffee and other beverages.



The Workplace Café is not just an ordinary café. From the exterior to the interiors of the café, everything just seem so good that once you start to sit and work and relax, you will tend forget the time and will not realize how productive you are during the stay.

Workplace Cafe  #SupportLocal #WorkingWithYou

“Support Local” is the main advocacy of the café and that their main coffee product came from Hineleban, Bukidnon and their Tabliya are from Argao, Cebu.

They also have events supporting local artists, they also have art forums and etc..

In the first glance…

Workplace Cafe  #SupportLocal #WorkingWithYou

The exterior of the café looks fine. I do love the font used for the logo. The wall with glass fillings caught my attention. It would make you visit the place in the first glance.

What’s inside?

Workplace Cafe  #SupportLocal #WorkingWithYou

Upon entering the place, you would actually notice the ceilings that follows a certain pattern and the paintings that seems to have a monochromatic color. The paintings does have the colors white and brown, it’s because of the fact that the paintings are made using the local coffee they offer.

I didn’t really expected that a coffee can also be used to paint. I wonder what else can be used as an alternative to paint something like the ones inside.

The furniture

Workplace Cafe  #SupportLocal #WorkingWithYou

You would love to sit on the office chairs they have. Yes, office chairs to give you comfort while working in the entire duration of your stay. The tables are designed not in a circular in shape but a rectangular and bigger ones for you to get the most out of the available space to secure your things. And take note, all tables have an electrical outlet so running out of power for your device is a big no-no.

They also have a sort of mini-sleeping-area. Too comfy and is definitely worth to try.

The ambiance, food and beverages

As the name itself, one can also consider it as a co-working space. Just remember not to be noisy, everyone is busy inside so just minimize the noise. 😀

They also offer variety of foods and beverages that would suit your taste buds. I prefer to choose the local Hineleban Coffee but since I am not into coffee, the Tabliya from Argao would be my perfect choice. <3


The location is very accessible because it is just along the road at Ramos St., Cebu City in front of Metrobank Ramos.

Thoughts about this cafe? You may like and follow their Facebook page, Workplace Cafe and visit them personally.

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